About Nyansapo College

Nyansapo College, an offspring institution of the internationally acclaimed Institute of Diplomatic Practice and Development Policies (I-2DP) in Accra, is the latest academic institution in Ghana established specifically to enhance capacity building of African officials. The aim of the College is to train more knowledgeable and confident practitioners to accelerate Africa’s march towards sustainable development and plausible integration into the global system.

Through Nyansapo College, Africa’s academia and leading practitioners in International Development Cooperation (IDC) as well as some recognised friends of Africa in that field are joining hands to enhance the continent’s prospects in the global political economy. Provision of specialised knowledge and sharpening of skills for African envoys and officials in both public and private sectors charged with the international relations of their respective establishments will be the hallmark of Nyansapo College.

Nyansapo College joins the limited group of non-state African institutions of higher learning in International Relations which are able to address global issues from independent and objective positions with the aim of demonstrating the fact that Africa’s need for more of such institutions cannot be over-emphasised.

Indeed, the increasingly complex nature of contemporary International Relations has turned the latter into such a vast and varied field that only those who are well versed in the utilisation of modern tools of Diplomacy and Development Cooperation can function effectively.

Nyansapo College offers the opportunity of having the knowledge and skills of professionals constantly upgraded at home at a relatively lower cost than abroad, with the added advantage of opening their training programmes to foreign participants and thereby offering all participating students the exposure needed to appreciate global issues from different perspectives.