Mission & Vision


To make Nyansapo College the institution of choice for capacity building of African diplomats and other public as well as private sector officials and representatives of civil society organizations who represent their countries and organizations at international meetings.


The goal of Nyansapo College, a post-graduate institution, is to leverage the quality and expertise of its Faculty members in International Relations and International Development Cooperation to enhance the capacity of African representatives in international fora and thereby help meet Africa’s development aspirations.

The wealth of practical experience gained over the years by its Faculty members in the two specialised fields, the provision of excellent environment, the teaching materials and facilities at the College, as well as the hands-on approach to highly intellectual work combine to define the unique characteristics of Nyansapo College’s capacity building efforts.

Nyansapo College Facilities

Nyansapo House is a well serviced building which meets the Ministry of Health requirements and Public Safety Standards, including fire safety. It provides easy access for physically-challenged persons to the Main Entrance Hall and through its corridors, to the classrooms, cafeteria and other specially designed facilities.