MA Degree in International Relations and Development (MAIRD)

The curriculum of this flagship programme of Nyansapo College reflects the strong tenets of the College Policy which is to provide access to higher educational opportunities that enable students develop knowledge and skills required to achieve their professional goals, provide leadership to their organizations and ultimately help improve the image and living conditions in the countries they represent.

The objective of the MA Program in International Relations and Development (MAIRD) being offered at Nyansapo College is to organise an intensive one-year Master’s Programme in International Relations, especially International Economic Relations with particular focus on International Development Cooperation which is of crucial importance to Africa.

The aim of Nyansapo College is to leverage the quality and expertise of its Faculty members in International Relations and International Development Cooperation to enhance the capacity of African representatives in international fora and thereby help meet Africa’s development aspirations.

In the course of two semesters of thirteen weeks duration each, the following modules covering broad areas in International Relations with specific focus on Africa’s particular current challenges in International Development Cooperation and other related fields shall be taught in a hands-on manner with group work on case studies, collective project building, colloquiums, simulation exercises, field trips as well as “Grand” Lectures delivered by local and visiting dignitaries.

1. International Development Cooperation
2. International Relations
3. International Organisations
4. International Law
5. Diplomatic Practice
6. Modern Diplomatic Language
7. Leadership and Organisational Efficiency
8. Management
9. Basic Research Principles
10. Graduate Dissertation

All courses under the MAIRD Programme are mandatory.

Curriculum Details

Nyanspo College Student’s Handbook provides a table with a narrative of the course objective and course description of each Module as well as a summary of the minimum required number of hours of faculty-directed (instruction) and student directed (home-work) learning activity engagement for each module and its corresponding credit value. The table is based on a course duration of thirteen weeks for all modules, i.e. one semester needed for Faculty to effectively cover course content, and for students to reasonably assimilate the information.

Credit hours have been assigned in line with universal standards, bearing in mind course content and expected outcomes. The courses have been determined by Faculty and will be delivered in a format informed by adult learning principles. Nyansapo College’s faculty-developed curriculum is results oriented and designed to engage students through a variety of classroom and online instructional strategies.

For the 2016/17 Academic Year, class sessions will be in the evenings from 6pm to 9pm and on Saturdays.

To ensure an appropriate level of curriculum coverage and rigour, students will be required to participate in weekly classroom-based learning activities including direct faculty instruction and collaborative learning team activities, as well as additional hours of faculty-directed student engagement using a variety of instructional strategies and online learning activities, which are designed to support the course topics and objectives. In that regard, all students should be computer literate and should possess individual laptops.

Modules with odd code numbers will be offered in the First Semester and those with even numbers will be offered in the Second Semester.

Students shall be required to prepare, submit and defend a dissertation of sixty pages on a subject relevant to the course. The dissertation, which will be well researched and written under the supervision of a member of the College Faculty, is a major requirement for award of the degree.

Work on Graduate Dissertations will be throughout the academic year.

Students with intermediary knowledge of English will be offered eight weeks of extra English classes before the MAIRD programme begins. The Modern Diplomatic Language module is compulsory for all although non-scoring in terms of credit. A pass in one of the languages offered is a requirement for award of the MAIRD degree.

For practical work place experience, an additional four week internship programme in relevant establishments is organised for students: